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Foreign Rights

Silvia Forzani

The Black Butterfly
32 pages - 14 full colour illustrations
hardcover - 22 x 23 cm
ISBN 9788887435115
Rights: World except Japan

Age: 5 and up

Italian title: «Nera Farfalla»
Italian selling price: Euro 10,33



Silvia Forzani

This book is dedicated to the children all over the world, who are the casualtis of war. The book urges children not to loose hope for or joy in life. It also warnes against the production of landmines, which have so often killed or maimed children.




«Children's voices raised in laughter chasing feet… faster… faster. There in the stones a shiny treasure, new, strange, a shape to uncover. Strange the black butterfly, heavy, cold, so beautiful, mine! Back to the village, breathing hard, “Come see… look what I've found!” Amazement and wonder, this magical thing, a treasure to hoard, a prize to win. magical thing. Black butterfly, why dont' you fly? Here we go, I'll throw you on high! In the bright sunlight I see you shine, but you don't fly, you fall to the ground…




Tumult vortex, red hot pain, black death… I don't understand… my eyes… can't see… I awake in pain, where am I now? Let me play, I want to go out. But when I look down… it all becomes clear. Black butterfly, a traditor I held dear. How can I run full of joy, without my leg… what can I play?
Children's voices raised in laughter chasing feet… faster… faster. Abu watches and closing his eyes runs in the wind of his mind…»



Copyright 2004-2005 Aer Edizioni. All rights reserved.
Created by meta|art, Bozen. Graphics: Art Visuel, Paris. Foto: Isabelle Riz, Milano.